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Lua Command object



  • id
  • "value"


Returns a value of a dynamic object:
  • exists: boolean, true if object with this ID exists, false otherwise

  • typename: name of the type of this object

  • type: internal type ID
    CS2D Dynamic Objects

  • health: health value

  • mode: current mode (depending on type)

  • team: team
    CS2D Teams

  • player: player (player who created/owns this object or for NPCs the type of the NPC)
    CS2D NPCs

  • x: current x-position on map (in pixels)

  • y: current y-position on map (in pixels)

  • rot: current rotation angle

  • alpha: alpha transparency value (0.0 - 1.0)

  • tilex: current x position on map (in tiles)

  • tiley: current y position on map (in tiles)

  • countdown: countdown variable

  • rootrot: original rotation

  • idle: idle value

  • rotvar: rotation variable

  • target: current target

  • upgrade: upgrade value

  • entity: boolean, true if object is spawned by entity, false otherwise

  • entityx: x-coordinate (tile) of entity which spawned this object

  • entityy: y-coordinate (tile) of entity which spawned this object

Moreover there is:

  • object(0,"table"): a Lua table with all dynamic object IDs

Note: Dynamic objects are used for many different things. NPCs, buildings, Lua images,...
The values are used in different ways (or not used at all) depending on the type of the object.

Note: For image objects you can also use imageparam to retrieve values of the image.

Sample 1: Using the object table to list the IDs of all objects
local objectlist=object(0,"table")
for _,id in pairs(objectlist) do