• Fast paced and tactical gaming similar to Counter-Strike
  • Chat & original Counter-Strike radio messages
  • Fog of war only lets you see enemies in your field of view (optional)
  • Bots (AI) available for on- and offline gaming (Lua scripted)
CS2D for Windows and Linux


  • Advanced serverlist with sorting, filters, internet servers, LAN servers, favorites and recently joined lists
  • Friends system and user authentication (U.S.G.N.)
  • Listen servers (Windows Win, Linux Linux)
  • Headless dedicated servers (Windows Win, Linux Linux)
  • Spraylogo-, map- and filetransfer
  • RCon (remote control) for servers
  • Voting, kicking, banning, mapcycles and many settings
  • Server player ranking and stats (in-game and as HTML output)

Game Modes

  • Standard (like Counter-Strike)
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Construction
  • Zombies!
More Game Modes...

Map Types With Special Goals

  • DE: bomb defuse
  • CS: hostage rescue
  • AS: VIP assassination
  • CTF: capture the flag
  • DOM: domination
More Map Types...

Weapons & Items

  • ALL original Counter-Strike 1.6 weapons, including the tactical shield, using original sounds
  • Fancy special armors (including a medic armor and a stealth armor)
  • Medikits & bandages (instant health recovery on pickup)
  • Money items (gain money by collecting them)
  • Close combat: machete, wrench, claw, chainsaw
  • Special "grenades": flare, molotov cocktail, gas grenade, airstrike, snowball
  • Launchers: RPG launcher, rocket launcher, grenade launcher
  • Mines: mines, laser mines
  • And more: flamethrower, laser, portal gun, ... - over 70 different items in total!
Weapon List

Create & Extend

  • Sounds and graphics can be replaced
  • Create your own spraylogos
  • Easy to use map editor
  • Entity & trigger system
  • Modify & extend with Lua scripts
  • Console & buy scripts
Command Reference

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