This page will give you a quick overview on how to play CS2D.

Gameplay Summarized

There are two teams: Counter-terrorists and terrorists. Those teams fight against each other. You can kill enemies or achieve special goals to score. The goals depend on the game mode and the map. A standard game mode round looks like this:

  • Players spawn at their starting points. Team members commonly spawn close together.
  • Players buy equipment with their money. You start with a limited amount of money and get more for achieving goals. You also get a certain amount of money each round start.
  • Players fight each other and optionally try to achieve goals.
  • The round ends when either all players of a team are dead or when certain goals are reached.
  • Afterwards everything begins again with a new round. You keep your equipment unless you died in the previous round.

The most common map type for the standard game mode is bomb defuse (maps prefixed with de_). One random terrorist spawns with a bomb in maps of this type. The goal for the terrorists is to plant the bomb on a bomb site and to guard it until it explodes. The goal for the counter-terrorists is to either completely prevent that the bomb is planted or to defuse it before it explodes. Another common map type for the standard game mode is hostage rescue (cs_ maps). The terrorists are holding hostages. Goal for the counter-terrorists is to rescue the hostages and to escort them to a safe place. There are also many other game modes. Take a look at the game mode page to learn more!


Before you start to fight you probably want to buy some cool weapons. You can do this in the buy menu which is opened with the B key. Note that you need to have enough money and that you have to stand in a buy zone. A little green shopping cart is displayed on the left side of the screen when you are in a buyzone. Commonly your spawn point is a buy zone. Also note that you are only allowed to purchase equipment at round start. This can be changed in the server settings however.


The default keys for movement are W A S D. Just hold them to move. You can also hold the shift key down while moving. This makes you slower but you also cause no footstep sounds anymore. This makes you harder to spot for enemies.

On some undergrounds (such as snow) you normally leave footprints. Sneaking with shift prevents this and makes you harder to spot!


Aiming is done with the mouse. Your player will always aim to the direction of your mousepointer (a little crosshair). Please note that only the direction matters. You do not have to point directly at players. You can attack with the left mouse button.

The right mouse button is used for special weapon functions like silencers, burst mode and others. Your ammo is displayed at the bottom right of the screen (ammo in magazine | spare ammo). You can reload with R if your magazine is empty. Note however that most weapons have limited ammo.

The numeric keys or your mousewheel allow you to switch to other weapons. Players drop their equipment when they get killed. If you want to collect their weapon you must drop your weapon first. This can be done with G. Simply run over a dropped weapon to collect it. You can carry one primary weapon, one secondary weapon (pistol), multiple melee weapons and a limited amount of additional equipment like grenades.