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Lua Command map



  • "value"


Returns info about the current map:

  • name: name of the map
  • xsize: x size of the map in tiles
  • ysize: y size of the map in tiles
  • tileset: tileset file used in the map
  • tilesize: size of each tile in the tileset in pixels. Can be either 32 or 64.
  • tilecount: number of tiles in tileset
  • back_img: background image for the map (empty if there is none)
  • back_scrollx: background x scrolling speed
  • back_scrolly: background y scrolling speed
  • back_scrolltile: scroll background like tiles? 0/1
  • back_r: background color red value
  • back_g: background color green value
  • back_b: background color blue value
  • storm_x: storm x speed
  • storm_y: storm y speed
  • mission_vips: number of VIP spawns
  • mission_hostages: number of hostages
  • mission_bombspots: number of bombspots
  • mission_ctfflags: number of CTF flags
  • mission_dompoints: number of domination points
  • nobuying: is buying allowed? 0/1
  • noweapons: are weapons allowed? 0/1
  • teleporters: are there any teleporters? 0/1
  • botnodes: number of bot nodes