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Lua Command tileproperty



  • tileFrame


Gets the property value for the specified tileFrame in the tileset of the current map.
The returned property value describes the behaviour of the tile.

Possible property values are:
  • 0-tile w/o sound

  • 1-wall

  • 2-obstacle

  • 3-wall w/o shadow

  • 4-obstacle w/o shadow

  • 5-floor wall

  • 10-dirt floor

  • 11-snow floor

  • 12-step floor

  • 13-tile floor

  • 14-wade floor

  • 15-metal floor

  • 16-wood floor

  • 50-deadly

  • 51-toxic deadly

  • 52-explosion deadly

  • 53-abyss deadly

Note: Will return 0 if you specify a tileFrame which is not part of the tileset!

Note: Use map("tilecount") to get the number of tiles in the tileset.