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Lua Command entitylist



  • [type] (optional)


Returns a list (Lua table) containing the positions (as X and Y tile coordinates) of all entities (except for Env_Decal). You can also limit the output to a certain entity type by using the optional type parameter (this must be the integer ID of the entity type, not the name! E.g. 1 for Info_CT).

Use a "for"-loop and "in pairs" of Lua to process the resulting list properly!

Sample 1: Iterating over list using in pairs
local list=entitylist()
for _,e in pairs(list) do
   print("entity @ ("..e.x..","..e.y..") - "..entity(e.x,e.y,"typename"))

Sample 2: Get terrorist spawn points (Info_T, ID 0) only
local list=entitylist(0)
for _,e in pairs(list) do
   print("terrorist spawn point @ ("..e.x..","..e.y..") - "..entity(e.x,e.y,"typename"))

Note: The resulting "list" is actually a Lua table with one sub Lua table per entity in it. The sub tables have the fields/indices "x" and "y" which contain the X and Y tile coordinates of an entity.

Attention: Env_Decal entities are NOT included in this list for technical reasons.

Attention: This command worked a bit differently in version b (in which it was introduced). It didn't work properly so a change of the returned table was necessary. Please change your scripts if you used this command in b!