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Lua Command closeitems



  • id
  • range


Returns a Lua table with all IDs of items which are close to the player specified with the id parameter. Only dropped items which are within the range will be returned. The unit for the range is tiles (range 1 equals 32 pixels for example).

Sample 1: List the names of all items which are close (within range of 5 tiles) to player 1
local itemlist=closeitems(1,5)
for _,id in pairs(itemlist) do

Note: range is specified in tiles. Items which are at the same tile as the player are within a range of 0. Items which are at an adjacent tile are in a range of 1 and so on.

Note: The closest items will be listed first. However the sorting of the list (and also the distance calculation) is just an approximation and only items within a range of up to 4 tiles will be sorted at all. Items with a higher distance will be added to the end of the list in no specific order.