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CS2D Command hudtxtcolorfade



  • player (1-32): id of a player (or 0 for all)
  • id (0-199): internal text id
  • duration (ms): color fade/transition effect in milliseconds
  • red (0-255): new red color value
  • green (0-255): new red color value
  • blue (0-255): new red color value


Lets a HUD text (specified with id) change its color (use a colorpicker to get the values). The transition will be smooth and will take the given time (duration).

You can let this effect be visible for all players (player=0) or to a certain player only (player=id of this player).

The text needs to be set with hudtxt or hudtxt2 before you use this command.

Note: The default text color of hudtxt and hudtxt2 is ©255220000 (red=255, green=220, blue=0). You can use another text color by starting the HUD text with ©RRRGGGBBB (with RRR/GGG/BBB being the red/green/blue values, all with 3 digits)

Attention: This command will not work properly with strings which have multiple colors (in-line color tags)!

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