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CS2D Command spawnprojectile



  • player (0-32): id of a player who spawned the projectile (0 if not by player)
  • type (1-X): projectile type
  • x (0-X): x position in pixels
  • y (0-X): y position in pixels
  • flydist (0-X): flight distance in pixels
  • dir (0-360): flight direction (angle in degrees)


Spawns a projectile (as server only). Projectile type IDs are equal to the IDs of the corresponding weapons.
Use a flydist of 0 to spawn projectiles on the ground.

Weapon and item IDs (weapons with a special projectile are marked with a yellow P):

Note: CS2D will let a regular item fly if the selected item ID does not have a corresponding projectile (no yellow P in the list above). The item will then be collectible as soon as it has hit the ground and doesn't move anymore

Attention: Avoid spawning huge numbers of projectiles! They might cause lags and FPS drops!

Attention: Each player can only have a maximum of 255 projectiles at a time (including projectiles lying on the ground like smoke grenades). Trying to create more projectiles may result in problems (this is because a byte is used for the projectile ID)

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