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CS2D Command bind



  • key (key): name of a key
  • script (text): a script/command you want to execute when you press the key


Binds a command or script to a key. Afterwards you can execute the script by pressing that key.

For example:
bind "L" "say lol"

Afterwards you can say "lol" by pressing the "L"-button on your keyboard.

Note: You can use unbindall to remove ALL key bindings.

Note: You can modify the file "sys/controls.lst" to add your own aliases/scripts to the CS2D controls menu. The format is: "command/script" "description text / reference to translation file key". Binds you set there will be saved automatically.

Note: If you're unsure about the name of a key, use the controls option menu to find out what it is.

Attention: Key bindings created with this command will not be saved and will get lost when you quit CS2D.

Attention: CS2D internally uses the file "sys/controls.cfg" to save the controls which have been set in the controls menu! Do NOT manually add your binds there as this file will be overwritten when you use the options menu!

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