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CS2D Command endround



  • mode (0-2): end round mode


Ends the current round.
There will be a radio message and a text message in the center of the screen, saying that there's either a draw or a win for a specific team. Moreover team scores will be changed (unless it's a draw). Additionally after a 5 second delay a new round will be started. This includes spawning all players at spawn points, giving them money etc.

There are three different modes to end the round:

  • 0 - Draw (no changes in team scores)

  • 1 - Terrorists Win (team score +1 for Ts)

  • 2 - Counter-Terrorists Win (team score +1 for CTs)

Note: The new round will not begin instantly but with a delay of 5 seconds.

Note: This command has no effect if the current round has already ended and the new round hasn't started yet (5 sec time frame).

Note: No players will be killed and no player scores will be changed by this command. Players who are alive could still kill other players in the 5 sec time frame until the next round starts.

Note: use restart/restartround/sv_restart/sv_restartround instead if you want to reset all team scores.

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