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CS2D Command sv_fow



  • fow (0-3): Fog of war mode


Set the fog of war mode. Fog of war makes the game more realistic by hiding stuff which is out of the players view angle and behind walls.

There are several modes:
  • 0 - off, everything is visible

  • 1 - hide characters only (npcs, hostages and players in fog of war will be hidden)

  • 2 - hide characters and effects (hide characters and also all particle effects in fog of war)

  • 3 - hide everything (everything will be hidden, including items and flying projectiles. only the map itself and buildings will be visible)

Note: Smoke grenade smoke will always be visible in fog of war because it would otherwise hide itself, leading to strange effects.

Note: Buildings will also always be visible in fog of war.

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