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CS2D Command mp_kickpercent



  • percent (0.0-1.0): percentage (0.0=0%, 1.0=100%) of votes needed for a kick


High Security Relevance
This setting is important for the security of your server!
Use it carefully! Wrong settings may make your server vulnerable or limit its functionality or accessibility!

Controls what percentage of all players has to kick-vote the same player in order to get that player kicked by the server.
Set this value to 0 to disable kick-voting completely.
e.g.: with 0.5, 50% or half of all players would have to vote for the same player in order to get that player kicked.

Attention: Make sure that the chosen value is high enough. Otherwise groups of trolls or fake clients might vote-kick innocent players!

Note: In earlier versions only the same team was counted for the percentage and you were only allowed to kick teammates. Now the whole player base is counted and everyone can vote to kick everyone!

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