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CS2D Command mp_lagcompensation



  • max compensation time (0-10): time limit in 1/10 seconds for compensation (default 2)


Compensate high pings of clients by using previous positions of players when checking for hits. Set this setting to 0 to completely disable lag compensation.

Since Beta the default setting is 2 which means that pings up to 200 (0.2 seconds delay) will be compensated. Highest setting is 10 (1 second delay, a ping of 1000). The default setting in prior versions was 5.

Note: The lag compensation is limited to players. There is currently no compensation for other game objects (like NPCs).

Note: Using high values for this setting might lead to weird effects like still being hit (by compensated high ping player shots) after reaching safe cover. This however just looks weird. It does NOT give you a disadvantage.

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