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CS2D Command sv_msg2



  • player (1-32): ID of a player
  • message (text): the message you want to send


Send a message to a certain player on your server.
Use msg or sv_msg instead if you want to show a message to all players.

Add an @C at the end of your text to display the message at the center of the screen.
For example: "Centered text@C"

You can also use color codes (use a colorpicker to get the values) at the beginning and in-line! Colors are encoded as RGB values.
Format: ©RRRGGGBBB (with each part RRR, GGG and BB ranging from 000 to 255)
For example: "©255000000This is a red text" or "The following text is ©000000255blue"

Note: Each component, R, G and B always has to have 3 digits. Add leading zeros if necessary!

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