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CS2D Command hudtxt2



  • player (1-32): id of a player
  • id (0-199): internal text id
  • text (text): the text you want to display
  • x (0-850): x position
  • y (0-480): y position
  • [align] (0,1,2)(optional): horizontal alignment
  • [valign] (0,1,2)(optional): vertical alignment
  • [size] (10-100)(optional): font size/height in pixels, 13 by


Display or hide a text on the screen of a certain player (as server only), specified via player.

Just enter the first two parameters (player, id) and leave out all other parameters in order to hide an existing text.

The position (x, y) is in pixels and defines the text position on the screen.

The horizontal alignment parameters mean:
  • 0 - left alignment (normal)

  • 1 - center alignment

  • 2 - right alignment

The vertical alignment parameters mean:
  • 0 - top alignment (normal, text will be UNDER the y coordinate)

  • 1 - center alignment

  • 2 - bottom alignment (text will be OVER the y coordinate)

You can also use color codes (use a colorpicker to get the values) at the beginning and in-line! Colors are encoded as RGB values.
Format: ©RRRGGGBBB (with each part RRR, GGG and BB ranging from 000 to 255)
For example: "©255000000This is a red text" or "The following text is ©000000255blue"

Note: Each color component, R, G and B always has to have 3 digits. Add leading zeros if necessary!

Note: Use hudtxt instead if you want to display a text for ALL players

Note: The texts/IDs are shared with the hudtxt command!

Note: Each text ID can be used with each player. So every player can have up to 200 individual texts on the screen.

Note: Affected by mp_hudscale

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