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CS2D Command unban



  • banmask (text): USGN ID, IP or nickname


Removes a particular ban with a certain banmask.

This mask can be:

- a USGN ID (just a single number). e.g.: 1 or 123

- an IP address (also with * wildcards). e.g.: 111.222.333.444 or 111.222.333.*

- a nick name. e.g.: Player

Moreover CS2D doesn't perform IP wildcard matching when removing bans.
E.g.: You have the following bans

if you now use unban *.*.*.* only the last ban will be removed because it is exactly the same string. All other bans will stay untouched even though they actually would match a wildcard check!

Attention: This command is case sensitive. If you banned "Player" and use unban "player" it will not work!

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