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CS2D Command rcon



  • commands (text): one ore more commands


Short for remote control. Executes commands on a server. You have to use rcon_pw first.
ALL commands can be used with rcon!

Attention: WARNING: EVERYTHING behind rcon in the same line will be sent to server. No matter how many quotes or semicolons it contains.

for example:
rcon sv_fow 0; say "fog disabled"
this will send
sv_fow 0; say "fog disabled"
to the server and NOT just
sv_fow 0

RCon Usage Steps
  • setup a server with an rcon password using sv_rcon mypw in its sys/server.cfg ("mypw" is used as rcon password in this example)
  • connect to this server
  • enter rcon_pw mypw in the console AFTER connecting
  • now you can enter rcon COMMANDS as many times as you want. COMMANDS can be one or more CS2D command(s). e.g. rcon sv_msg "Hi the admin is in the house!"

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