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CS2D Command mp_wpndmg_z1



  • name (text): in-game name of a weapon
  • damage (0-100000): z1 damage for this weapon


Changes the "z1"-damage of a weapon. The "z1" damage is used for several different things:

  • Damage caused by weapons with scope/zoom in zoom/scope level 1

  • Damage caused by melee weapons with secondary attack

  • Damage caused by weapons in burst mode (burst means 3 shots at a time, so damage will be multiplied with up to 3! Default is mp_wpndmg * 0.65 if this is set to 0)

  • Damage caused by weapons in silenced mode (they cause mp_wpndmg by default / when set to 0)

Weapon and item names:

Note: Since Beta this setting can also affect weapons with burst mode and silencer!

Note: This setting has no effect for weapons which have no alternative fire mode / secondary attack.

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