Entities are used in to specify player spawn locations or to add effects, doors, items and more to a map.

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ID 94 - Trigger_Delay (Delay)


Forwards a trigger signal after a specified time.
In other words: As soon as this entity is triggered, it will wait for the specified delay. After this delay it will trigger all entities in its trigger field.

Note: You can also enter floating point values in the field! (supported since version

Examples for valid delay values:
1 = 1 second
0.5 = half a second
0.1 = 1/10 of a second (100 ms)
0.01 = 1/100 of a second (10 ms)
0.001 = 1/1000 of a second (1 ms)

Note: If the value is in millisecond precision, it will be saved in ints[1]. If it is in second precision, it will be saved in ints[0].

Note: When triggered the entity will check once each frame if the delay is over. Therefore the actual delay can differ by a few milliseconds. See Lua timer command for details on this behavior.

Attention: If ints[1] is > 0, the game will use this value for the delay. The value of ints[0] will be ignored in that case.

Values / Properties

The following values can be set in the entity properties menu of the map editor and can be read using the Lua command entity.

  • ints[0]=delay in seconds (used when entering an integer in the editor)
  • ints[1]=delay in milliseconds (used when entering a floating point number in the editor)