Entities are used in to specify player spawn locations or to add effects, doors, items and more to a map.

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ID 20 - Info_TeamGate (TGate)


Defines an area which kills members of a certain team when they try to pass. The area starts at the position of the entity. Some exceptions can also be defined with the settings.

Values / Properties

The following values can be set in the entity properties menu of the map editor and can be read using the Lua command entity.

  • ints[0]=area width (tiles)
  • ints[1]=area height (tiles)
  • ints[2]=team to let pass (0=nobody, 1=terrorists, 2=counter-terrorists)
  • ints[3]=don't kill flag carrier (0/1)
  • ints[4]=don't kill bomb carrier (0/1)
  • ints[5]=don't kill defuse kit carrier (0/1)
  • ints[6]=don't kill VIP (0/1)
  • ints[7]=don't kill gas mask wearer (0/1)
  • ints[8]=don't kill night vision wearer (0/1)