Entities are used in to specify player spawn locations or to add effects, doors, items and more to a map.

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ID 24 - Env_Decal (Dcl)


Renders a decal on the map at the position of the entity.

Attention: Env_Decal entities are NOT accessible via any command or Lua (ignore the text in the section below. It is wrong). This is because they use a different system internally. Use Env_Image or Env_Sprite if you need images which can be modified/accessed using Lua.

Values / Properties

The following values can be set in the entity properties menu of the map editor and can be read using the Lua command entity.

  • ints[0]=decal frame number
  • ints[1]=color red (0-255)
  • ints[2]=color green (0-255)
  • ints[3]=color blue (0-255)
  • ints[4]=rotation
  • strs[0]=transparency (0.0-1.0)