Entities are used in to specify player spawn locations or to add effects, doors, items and more to a map.

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ID 71 - Func_DynWall (DWall)


Creates a dynamic wall at the position of the entity. This wall can be disabled/enabled by triggering the entity. Useful for things like doors.

Values / Properties

The following values can be set in the entity properties menu of the map editor and can be read using the Lua command entity.

  • ints[0]=tile/frame number/index
  • ints[1]=behavior (0=wall, 1=obstacle, 2=wall w/o shadow, 3=obstacle w/o shadow, 4=floor+tile behavior)
  • ints[2]=close only if blocked? (0/1)
  • strs[0]=transparency (0.0-1.0)