Entities are used in to specify player spawn locations or to add effects, doors, items and more to a map.

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ID 17 - Info_Dom_Point (DOM)


A domination point for dom_ maps. It is rendered as a flag pole with either no flag or a blue or a red flag depending on the team which dominates the point. Little white stripes on the flag pole indicate how many players are required to dominate the flag. The flag is dominated as soon as that many players of a team are close to it without any enemies being close.

There are commonly several domination points on a good dom_ map.

Values / Properties

The following values can be set in the entity properties menu of the map editor and can be read using the Lua command entity.

  • ints[0]=initial state (0=not dominated, 1=dominated by Ts, 2=dominated by CTs)
  • ints[1]=min. players for domination (0=1, 1=2, 2=3)