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Lua Command objecttype



  • type
  • "value"


Returns a value of an object type (NOT an object instance on the map).
The values are the same for all objects of that type.

Object types are:
CS2D Dynamic Objects

value must be one of the following:

  • name: localized name of the object (may change depending on server's language setting)

  • internalname: internal name of the object, empty string ("") in case there is no object with this type (value is always the same)

  • type: subtype/class of the object
    • 1 = building
    • 2 = stuff (mines, portals, ...)
    • 3 = NPC unit
    • 4 = image

  • price: price (used for buildings)

  • health: maximum/initial health

  • killmoney: money a player gets for killing/destroying this object

  • limit: maximum amount of buildings of this type a player can build

  • upgradepoints: number of hits with wrench which are required to upgrade this building (0 if there is no upgrade)

  • upgradeprice: price for upgrading this building (equal to upgradepoints * 50, 0 if there is no upgrade)

  • upgradeto: object type ID to which this building can be upgraded (0 if there is no upgrade)

Attention: Do not confuse the ID of an object instance on the map (see object command) with the type ID! Those are two different things. Each object has one unique ID but multiple objects can have the same type ID!