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Lua Command closeobjects



  • x
  • y
  • radius
  • [type] (optional)


Returns a list of objects which are within the specified radius (in pixels) around the specified position (X|Y) in pixels. Use type to limit the search to objects with a certain type only.

Object types are:
CS2D Dynamic Objects

Sample 1: Get the IDs of objects which are close (300 pixel radius) around the top left corner (0|0) of the map:
local objectlist=closeobjects(0,0,300)
for _,id in pairs(objectlist) do

Sample 2: Get the IDs of turrets (object type 8) which are close (100 pixel radius) to player with ID 1 (note the 16 pixel offset which is required for buildings):
local objectlist=closeobjects(player(1, "x") - 16, player(1, "y") - 16, 100, 8)
for _,id in pairs(objectlist) do

Note: The position (X|Y) and the radius are specified in PIXELS!

Attention: Some objects (most buildings) do not have their pivot/center point in the middle but at the top left corner. Therefore you might have to use an offset of half a tile (16 pixels) to make distance checks work as intended. See sample 2.