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Lua Command setentityaistate



  • x
  • y
  • ai


Sets the AI state value of the entity at tile position (x|y). The AI state of each entity is automatically set to 0 on each round start.
CS2D does not actively use the AI state and you can set it to any integer value you want.
It's commonly used in AI scripts (bots) only.
e.g.: when a bomb has been planted, bots can mark a bomb spot as checked ("bomb is not here") using the AI state. This can be used to prevent that the same spot is checked again.

Note: The AI state of an entity is especially useful in AI scripts in conjunction with randomentity!

Attention: You shouldn't use this command in server or map scripts. It's meant to be used in AI scripts only. Using it somewhere else might lead to problems with bots! Of course you can ignore this warning if you don't use bots or if you use custom bot scripts which do not rely on the AI state.