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Category: entity (5)

Lua Command randomentity



  • type
  • [AI-State] (optional)
  • [int0] (optional)


Returns the tile x and y position (2 values!) of a random entity of a certain type or -100,-100 if no entity has been found.
Use AI-State to only find entities with this AI state (-1 or omit to ignore the AI-state).
Use int0 to only find entities with this int0 value (-1 or omit to ignore the int0 value).

Sample 1: Find a random terrorist spawnpoint (entity type 0)
print("T spawn @ "..x..","..y)

Note: This command is very useful for AI Lua scripts (bots).

Note: The AI-state of an entity can be changed with setentityaistate.

Note: The int0 value is useful to find Info_CTF_Flag entities belonging to a certain team or Info_Dom_Point entities with a certain state.

Attention: Does NOT work with Env_Decal entities!