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Lua Command tween_animate



  • id
  • speed
  • mode


Creates an animation tween which changes the frame of the spritesheet image with the specified id constantly.
The speed defines how many milliseconds each frame should be displayed.

You can also specify an animation mode:
  • 0 - Loop Forward (play from current frame to last frame and then continue at first frame)

  • 1 - Loop Backward (play from current frame to first frame and then continue at last frame)

  • 2 - Ping Pong Forward (play forward to last frame and then backward to first frame etc.)

  • 3 - Ping Pong Backward (play backward to first frame and then forward to last frame etc.)

  • 4 - Random (an entirely random frame is displayed every speed milliseconds)

The tween stays active until another tween_animate or tween_frame is applied to the same image.

Note: The used image must be a loaded as spritesheet image with the image-command so it has multiple frames!

Note: Speed in ms (milliseconds, 1000 ms = 1 sec)