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Lua Command imageframe



  • id
  • frame


Changes the frame of the spritesheet image with the specified id. Has no effect if the image is not a spritesheet.
The frame starts with 1 for the first frame. If you attempt to set the frame lower than 1 or larger than the maximum number of frames, the frame will be set to the first or last frame respectively.

The frames are numbered from left to right and from top to bottom. So the top left frame is frame number 1 and the bottom right frame is the last frame. See image below for an example spritesheet with 4 frames.

spritesheet structure

Sample 1: Creating a spritesheet and changing the frame
local id=image("<spritesheet:gfx/buildings.png:32:32:n>",1,0,201)

Note: The used image must be a loaded as a spritesheet image with the image-command so it has multiple frames!

Attention: The image frame is 1-based for this command. Meaning that the first frame is frame 1 and the last possible frame of an image with N frames is frame number N.

Attention: If you want to animate a spritesheet you should use tween_animate or tween_frame instead (causes less traffic than changing the frame manually multiple times)!