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Category: tile (2)

Lua Command tile



  • x
  • y
  • "value"


Returns a value of the tile at the tile position (X|Y):

  • frame: tile frame number in the tileset (which is CURRENTLY applied to this tile)

  • property: tile type, internal ID for the material/behavior of that tile:
    • 0-tile w/o sound

    • 1-wall

    • 2-obstacle

    • 3-wall w/o shadow

    • 4-obstacle w/o shadow

    • 5-floor wall

    • 10-dirt floor

    • 11-snow floor

    • 12-step floor

    • 13-tile floor

    • 14-wade floor

    • 15-metal floor

    • 16-wood floor

    • 50-deadly

    • 51-toxic deadly

    • 52-explosion deadly

    • 53-abyss deadly

  • walkable: boolean, true if walkable, false otherwise

  • deadly: boolean, true if deadly, false otherwise

  • wall: boolean, true if wall, false otherwise

  • obstacle: boolean, true if obstacle, false otherwise

  • entity: is there an entity at this position? 0 if none, entity type (>0) otherwise

  • hascustomframe: boolean, true if the frame of this tile has been changed with "settile", false otherwise

  • originalframe: tile frame number which this tile originally had (in the unaltered map) or which it currently has (if it has not been altered with "settile")

  • rot: tile rotation in degrees (0 if not rotated, 90, 180 or 270)

  • blend: tile blending frame, or false if not blended

  • color: Lua table with r,g,b color values of the tile, or false if no custom color is set (equal to r=255, g=255, b=255)

  • brightness: The custom brightness (dark 0,10,20, ... 100 bright/normal), or false if no custom brightness is set (equal to 100)

Note: This command will return false if the specified tile position is outside the map boundaries. You can use the Lua map command to get the size of the map.