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Category: projectile (2)

Lua Command projectilelist



  • [list=0] (optional)
  • [player=0] (optional)


Returns a list (Lua table) containing projectile key data (IDs and parent player) of all flying or ground projectiles. You can also limit the output to the projectiles of a certain player (player=0 is default and will list projectiles of all players).
The list parameter can either be 0 (default) for all flying projectiles or 1 for all ground projectiles.

Use a "for"-loop and "in pairs" of Lua to process the resulting list properly!

Sample 1: Iterating over list (flying projectiles of all players) using in pairs
local list=projectilelist(0,0)
for _,p in pairs(list) do
   print("projectile with ID "" of player "..p.player..") - "..projectile(,p.player,"type"))

Note: The resulting "list" is actually a Lua table with one sub Lua table per projectile in it. The sub tables have the fields/indices "id" and "player" which contain the ID and the player who launched the projectile

Attention: There can be multiple projectiles with the same ID (each player has its own projectile ID-space)! That's why you have to specify the ID and the player because only the combination of those two values is unique and therefore suited to address a certain unique projectile