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Lua Hook walkover



  • id: player id
  • iid: item id
  • type: item type
  • ain: ammo in weapon / item count
  • a: additional ammo
  • mode: item mode


When a player (with ID id) is walking over an item (with ID iid).
Return 1 in this hook to prevent that the player collects the item.

You can use the type parameter to get the type of the weapon/item.
The following weapon/item type IDs exist:

Moreover there are some additional values which are passed to this hook:
  • ain ammo in the weapon (or the item count)

  • a additional / spare ammo (for reloading)

  • mode: the item/weapon mode (0 in most cases, other values if special modes are enabled e.g. burst or custom laser color)

Note: There is also a collect-hook but it doesn't support return values. So you can't stop the player from collecting stuff using it.

Return Values

  • 0: proceed normally (collect if possible)
  • 1: don't collect

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