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Lua Command item



  • id
  • "value"


Returns a value of an item instance on the map:

  • exists: boolean, true if an item with that ID exists, false otherwise

  • name: name of that item

  • type: internal item type ID

  • player: ID of player that carries this item or 0 if it is dropped

  • ammo: ammo supply for that weapon (not loaded in it)

  • ammoin: ammo currently loaded into the weapon

  • mode: weapon mode (e.g. color of laser, silenced or not)

  • x: X position of dropped weapon on map (in tiles)

  • y: Y position of dropped weapon on map (in tiles)

  • dropped: boolean, true if weapon has been dropped by a player, false otherwise (false implies that the item as been spawned via item/script)

  • droptimer: how long is it ago that the weapon has been dropped (in seconds)

Moreover there is:
item(0,"table"): returns a Lua table with all IDs of items which are on the map (the unique instance IDs, NOT the type IDs!)

Item names and type IDs:

Sample 1: Using the item table to list the names of all items
local itemlist=item(0,"table")
for _,id in pairs(itemlist) do

Attention: Items carried by players cannot be accessed with this command. Use playerweapons to get a list of item types a player currently carries.