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Lua Command hascloseplayers



  • x
  • y
  • radius
  • [team] (optional)


Checks if any alive player is within the specified radius (in pixels) around the specified position (x|y) in pixels.
Returns a boolean true, if at least one player matching the criteria was found. Otherwise false.

You can optionally specify a team to limit the search to players of that team:
  • 0 - all teams (default)

  • 1 - Ts only

  • 2 - CTs only (including VIPs)

This method is faster than closeplayers because it only returns a simple boolean value and cancels the search as soon as a matching player was found within the radius.

Note: The position (x|y) and the radius are specified in PIXELS!

Note: If you also want to know which player(s) are within the radius you should use closeplayers instead (slower)!