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CS2D Command sv_daylighttime



  • timeangle (-1-360): the day light time angle (-1 for map default)


Changes the angle and the brightness of the day light time. Can be used to switch between day and night etc.
Use -1 to keep the default value which is defined by the map. Each maps has the day light angle 220 unless something different is specified in the map properties (map editor).

Value ranges and meaning:

  • -1: use the value defined by the map

  • 0 - 180: night, pitch-black

  • 180 - 210: dawn, getting brighter, shadow directing east to south-east

  • 210 - 330: day, full brightness, shadow directing south-east to south-west

  • 330 - 360: dusk, getting darker, shadow directing south-west to west

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