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CS2D Command mp_buymenu



  • items (text): a list of item ids that can be bought or an empty string for the default buy menu


Changes the buy menu.
By default this setting is set to an empty string (""). The game will then use the standard buy menu.

You can specify a custom buy menu by entering a list of item IDs. You have to separate the IDs with , and |.
  • , (comma) separates the items in a group

  • | (pipe) separates the groups

The groups are the following:
handgun|shotgun|sub machine gun|rifle|machine gun|equipment

Each group can contain up to 9 comma-separated item IDs.
Groups with less items or even empty groups are possible as well.

Weapon and item IDs:

mp_buymenu "1,2|11|20,22|30||51"

This sample will create a buy menu with the handguns USP (1) and Glock (2), the shotgun XM1014 (11), the sub machine guns MP5 (20) and P90 (22), the rifle AK-47 (30), no machine guns and a HE (51) as equipment.

Disabling the standard menu
Since CS2D you can also use a minus ("-") as prefix.
Whenever the items start with "-" the standard buy menu won't be displayed.
The following options with "-" are possible:
  • "-": The buy menu will be disabled completely and you won't be able to buy anything

  • "-x": The buy menu will be disabled but you will be able to purchase all standard items (using corresponding commands)

  • "-..." (with ... being a custom buy menu definition): The buy menu will be disabled but you can purchase all items defined in ...

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