Counter-Strike 2D

Download (Version b

CS2D Client for Windows Windows (~7 mb)

Either get the setup or the zip archive. Both have the same content and will allow you to play CS2D. The setup version is easy to use and therefore recommended for most users. The archive version needs to be extracted with a zip tool. The client can also be used to host your own listen server!
Attention: Do NOT extract/install to "C:\Program Files" on Vista/7/8! It will lead to problems!

Setup (exe)

Simply download and run to install the game!
(All mirrors here contain the same file. Choose the one that works best!)

Archive (zip)

You need a tool to extract this zip file (e.g. 7Zip, WinZip, WinRAR) - No setup required! 100% portable!

CS2D Client for Linux Linux and Mac Mac (~1 mb)

These clients do only contain the executables/binaries for Linux/Mac. So what you need to do is the following:
  • Get the Windows client zip archive (from above)
  • Get the Linux or Mac binary (from below)
  • Extract both to the same folder (also read included txt file)

CS2D Dedicated Server for Linux Linux and Windows Windows (~500 KB)

A dedicated server for CS2D game server hosting. This download is for experienced users only (it is complicated! Read this!). Use the client instead and click 'New Game' and 'Start' if you want to play and host on your PC! CRC32 Hash Values: Linux Dedicated | Windows Dedicated